Student Sponsorship Program Time to time we come across very intelligent students, whose parents have enormous financial difficulties and unable to educate their children. I and my coordinator in Sri Lanka interview these children and their parents before we decide to give a scholarship. We try to give monthly $ 30 to university students and $ 20 to high school students. You are welcome to become a donor to support these students The donor has the option of sending money monthly or for several months at once, but we will disburse the money to students only monthly. Donor may have an input in the selection of the student, if so desired. The donors and their recipient students are encouraged to communicate with each other at a personal level by email. They believe this would have a tremendously positive impact on the students, and the donors too would enjoy hearing from the students they're helping from time to time. I can accept dollars and remit the Rupees from my bank account in Colombo, Sri Lanka on your behalf, so as to avoid bank fees and currency conversion costs.

Dr. Theja - Australia Phone:+61-8-9332 6119 Fax: +61-8-9332 5336 Email: You are welcome to help by giving a gift financially or otherwise. If you wish to help us financially and give us couple of dollars, please send me an e-mail to . Then I can make necessary arrangements for you to send your gift to our PayPal account. I started my charitable activities at the age of 24 in 1976 when I first visited Sri Lanka after spending 5 years in Germany. Since then I have given money and help the poor and needy in this village. I can remember how I managed to study in Germany because of the scholarships I received from the German government. Now we have 13 students in this scholarship scheme. I personally communicate and make sure that these 13 students do their studies properly. They write to me often and brief me about their studies etc. I personally look into all these activities so that every dollar that people donate goes to the hands of the poor. No bank charges, transaction fees, administration fess etc. At this point I must thank my brother Punya Hettiaratchi of Malabe, Sri Lanka, Mr Sam Liyanage of Mawala, Wadduwa and Mr. K Nandasena of Mawala, Wadduwa for helping me to coordinate these activities and for helping to monitor the progress of these projects and scholarships. I look forward to visiting Sri Lanka in July 2011 in order to meet all these students and children.



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This Non-governmental and non - profit charity fund will help the poor and the needy in and around Mawala to smile.